Is it possible to control Duplicati?

Either in HA or Node red.

I have Duplicati running on another machine and i ideally want to start a back up on an event.

Ie. If motion is detected, start a backup


Leaving this here as note to self and others if interested… It seems there is a functional REST API:

Main use case for me:

  • See whether a backup ran succesfully (create automations e.g. a push notification if a backup didn’t perform/succeed)
  • Be able to trigger a backup from home assistant

Any luck on finding more out?

Only thing i’ve gathered is this API Link http://<Duplicati_IP>:8200/api/v1/backups.

when i use a wget on this url I get

Connecting to… connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response… 400 Missing XSRF Token. Please reload the page
2022-03-01 20:48:33 ERROR 400: Missing XSRF Token. Please reload the page.

once I get that json data, then creating a sensor should be the easy part right?

I’m just dropping that here:

if someone has time, that should be sufficient to get a plugin working. i am using that client myself, but sadly i lack time …

I believe we can just install the client on the same Pi as Ha and create command line sensor?

Hi, do you have any solution for this?