Is it possible to determine monitor status on networked RPi?

I’d like to have a switch in HA which controls the monitor of a remote RaspberryPi. I would use

sudo vcgencmd display_power 0 (or 1)

to turn on/off the HDMI port through I Python script but I wonder if it is possible to show in HA if the HDMI port is turned on or off.
Is this even possible and if yes, could someone point me in the direction on how I could achieve that? Thanks!

vcgencmd seems not well documented, I have seen there is a command

vcgencmd hdmi_status_show

Yes, indeed, vcgencmd is a great command to get values on a lot of things. Not being too experienced with Linux, I wonder how I can get get this information from the remote RPi into Home Assistant?

I believe I found a way to implement this. In another thread I asked about the remote execution of python scripts. But this doesn’t seem to be the best approach. Instead using MQTT seems to achieve all that and more. I need to learn more about how to properly implement MQTT for my case but it seems like HASS.IO has all the ingredients that it takes.

Use ssh and the commandline sensor.

Just a note, I documented my solution here: