Is it possible to get current traffic for geo location?

Yesterday it happened again to me. I left home without checking the traffic and at 500m of my house I drove into a 20 minutes delay. If I simply would have turned left instead of right, I could have saved that time.

Now I was wondering if there is a way to check the current traffic condition on a specific coordinate or highway KM marker? I’m fine to only have 1 fixed location, as the traffic is waiting for a tunnel and is always blocked at the same point.

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Thank you for this suggestion, appreciated. Although it isn’t exactly as I wanted, I’ll try to build a work around with it. Looks promising.

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Previously used yandex_maps.
Used to be a rather accurate tool.
The plugin seems to be not supported anymore.

Installed Waze.
Log is flooded by errors & warnings, sensors often are not updated; a travel time seems to be defined w/o traffic jams (for instance, Yandex maps site gives 129 minutes, Waze sensor gives 100 minutes). There are several issues on Github w/o any movement…