Is it possible to get persistance on restart

Hi, new to Hassio but loving how powerful it seems to be, some genius people at work on it.

I have a bunch of input_numbers setup that I use to store a number (minutes) that my irrigation zones should run for, ie input_number_zone1 :5

all great, all working, got that all setup in node red as well so my irrigation works based on the input_number variable in HA lovelace cards etc.

But, each time i restart Hassio I lose the values i setup for my zones and they go back to an initial value (if tho I dont use initial on the entity).

Is there anyway to get a persistance state so on restarts i dont have to setup all my zones each time?

I have seen recorder and persistence.yaml - the later seems to be recomended on a few posts but for the life of me i cant work out how to set that up or what is needed to go where for a noob in hassio.

Anyone got a nice guide on setting up persistence.yaml for noobs? Think it would be useful for others as well.

Thanks in advance

In each definition of input number you have an initial value
Remove that line and you will get a store that can be changed and remember that change a cross a restart till the next change.

You will need to restart to see this happen

Hi thanks, I dont use inital:: , but, I just noticed something odd, I have 4 zones currently setup, one of those zones I did set initial: 5, the other 3 zones I never did.

After a restart the 1 zone I did use initial on (but removed it about 10 restarts ago) stills shows 5, the other 3 zones retain what i select on my slider, so its odd the one zone seems to have got that stored somewhere and now need to work out how to clear it