Is "More Info" box available with Lovelace Thermostat?

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When switching to Lovelace (using the /lovelace URL), the new thermostat looks really nice. However, the card isn’t clickable anymore to bring up the More Info modal. That means, not being able to set Home/Away mode or being able to see the graph associated with the thermostat.

Is this Card supposed to be clickable? In the legacy UI, clicking the title/name of thermostat would bring up the box.


Bump. To simplify the problem above, the Thermostat (for me) is not clickable using Lovelace. In the regular UI, it pops open the detail box with more controls and temperature graph.

Can anyone confirm if it is clickable for them using Lovelace?


I have the same problem and wonder if this is intentional. Now I have to go through the history tab on the left if I want to look at the temperature graph for my thermostat