Is ProxMox slowing down my USB?

I’ve been trying to troubleshoot some latency issues. It started when I saw a noticeable latency in ikea bulbs that where connected to the tradfri hub VS ikea bulbs connected directly to my conbeeII. I didn’t think much of it until I recently added a zwave stick to pair an inovelli switch and saw the delay even when directly VNCing to the OpenZwaveUI.

So now I’m wondering if the delay is in proxmox. Has anyone seen issues with latency in proxmox

Hi George, I did not see any increase in latency for my ZigBee/EnOcean devices when I migrated to proxmox.

I also never had any delay for my ZigBee and Z-Wave sticks connected to my NUC running Proxmox.

Thanks for the feedback guys. I was able to set up a test environment where I installed Ubuntu onto an old laptop and was able to verify the delay there as well.

Turns out, the delay was coming from my switches themselves. The two switches I was using (aqara and inovelli) both have a defined input delay to facilitate double taps (and triple/quadruple taps in the case of the inovelli). An inovelli rep on the forums confirmed there’s a built in, hard coded 700ms delay.

I use a few different Aqara buttons and there’s no delay at all for me.

Do you use any that support double taps? For me there is a huge difference using the aqara switch to turn on a light when compared to using a hue smart button to turn that same light on.

Yes I do, no delay ther either.