Is there a map of the core software?

I’ve looked over the developer documentation, which look like a pretty awesome overview. I’ve watched the PYCON 2016 seminar which goes through a good example. What I’m looking for is a map of the software. Something that maps out the Classes, property’s, methods, and functions. I’m lost at trying to read and understand how the core does it’s thing. I does not help that I’m only a beginner Python student, and I have to stop and learn many things alone the way to try and understand some of the code. For example, yesterday I didn’t know what a decorator was, so I had to stop and learn about them to understand what @property meant before I could move on. But now that I know what @property means and does, I cannot find the property function so I can decipher what it does??? There are a ton of imports and I don’t know where they are coming from and where to find them. Thanks in advance for any assistance.

I can’t help you with the core functionality, but for the specific question you ask about the property decorator, it is a built in python function.

If you are trying to search for stuff on github, it is sometimes easier to git clone the repo and use grep to find shit.

Thanks guys.