Is there a way to add areas to different parts of a device

I have added Shelley Plus 1PM behind a lot of my light switches. Most of these light switches are controlling smart lights, but some of them are controlling normal dumb lights.

I have set all of these up in detached mode, so I have 2 main entities, a binary sensor which detects the physical light switch and the relay (switch) which turns on and off the power to the light.

In most cases the Area at the device level is fine, however I have a few of these where the physical switch in the one room (eg. dinning room) and the physical light is another area (eg. Pergola). If there anyway of setting the Area at the entity level so the Light appears in the correct area.


Click on the entity. In the pop-up card click on the cog icon. Turn off the “Use device area” toggle at the bottom of the pop-up.

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Thanks for this. It’s come at a great time since I set my irrigation controller to ‘ensuite’ since it’s the closest Bluetooth proxy to that room, but makes the valves etc kinda strange… now I can set them to the proper areas!

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Thanks for this. This worked perfectly.

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