Is there a way to do some stats for a thread?

There are some threads that is a gold mine for information, but I do not know how to extract the data. The (insane amount of) scripts block most of the simple attempts.

Example: The Keymaster thread is several thousand posts. I would like to search for all the locks referenced in the thread, analyze the feedback (pro/con), and generate a list of locks that people had the best/worst experience with.

How would I be able to get this? The site paginates ( :face_vomiting:), and cannot “copy/paste” the contents for this.

May not help but you can use the forum search feature to search individual topics.

Right, thanks. Tried but it does not allow me to “read” the post for context (pro/con).
I would feed it to some automation and teach it what are good bad feedbacks, then come back and generate the reference.

Aren’t you looking for an AI to do dirty work in your place, by any chance? :rofl::rofl::rofl:
Some actually do, but they s***k big time at it :wink:

I plan on using naive Bayes classifier. Not everything needs a Ma Deuce. :sunglasses: