Is there a way to filter all devices from a particular manufacturer from Alexa integration?

I’ve got a ton of Eufy devices: 6 Cameras, 3 door sensors, etc.

They have built an Alexa integration (theough an Alexa skill) so I don’t need HA to also pass those devices along since I then get dupes: one set from the direct Eufy Alexa skill, and another set of the same devices from HA.

I know I could manually toggle these in the Alexa configuration in the Nabu Casa section but it’s annoying to have devices by default passed through since I then have to remove the device from Alexa as well as toggle it in HA.

Since I like to keep my device names generic, I don’t put “eufy” anywhere in the device name. (For example if I had a front yard camera by nest and a backyard camera by eufy they’d be named camera.frontyard and camera.backyard). So even if domain filtering is as avail, I don’t know how I’d do it.

Is there an easy way to accomplish what I want?