Is there a way to share / publish a sensor /. graph as a web part or something externally that could be embedded?

I would like to publish a single sensor, preferably as a graph in an external public page, is there any modules to do this a nice way?

Basically want to just embed a graph in another web page based system.

You can access data through the api.

Was thinking more along the lines of an embedded web clip or image. Of course you could BUILD something via API.

You could possibly do it with the Grafana add-on. You would also probably need to open up a port to access the web interface.

I was considering that, however it isn’t a component I currently use / have experience with.

OK you’ve been given two correct answers, but can’t be arsed. We get it.

Looking for something quick and dirty here, graphina might be the closest thing as it already has the concept of exporting embedded graphs.

Not sure why you are so bent out of shape. Use the API is roughly as helpful as code it your self. A sample of even a similar idea would actually be helpful.

I did mean code it yourself.