Is there any free service to expose Hassio to the web?

Hey guys,

Can you help me with that question? Is there any free service to expose Hassio to the web (that works with google assistant integration)?

I am behind a CGNAT so DuckDNS won’t work.

NabuCasa is very good but it is a paid service about $5/month

I can use Ngrok for free but then each 2 or 3 days it will change the tunnel address and I have to configure everything all over again which is kinda annoying. The paid version would solve the problem but then I would have to pay $5/month.

The thing is… $5 seem like a good price but considering the COVID situation and the huuuuge variation in the currency exchange, it became a little bit expensive for me.

So… I am searching for a free alternative. Does anyone knows any other method?

Does your ISP support IPv6? If so, connecting remotely using IPv6 would be a solution. To avoid setting home assistant to only listen to requests from IPv6 addresses, I run an NGINX reverse proxy which I can connect to with IPv6 and then it just forwards requests to my server’s IPv4 address.

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I am using NGROK and not sure what you mean that you have to configure everything when NGROK tunnel number changes.

The regular set up (following instructions). When ever the ngrok changes its URL I get a text message via telegram with the new link. When at home I just use the desktop shortcut on my phone to access the HA control panel. When away from home I just open the telegram and look for the last link I got. That gives me access to my home assistant control panel.

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Actually I was referring to Google Assistant integration. I have to go there in the setting and change all the addresses.

But I managed to solve my issue. My ISP got me out of the NAT network. I am free!

Well aren’t you the lucky one! Glad to hear you got a real IP :wink:

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Yes haha! I just found out there is a law in my country obligating them to give me a real public IP if I choose to!

Rumos has it that in Mexico, by law they have to give us a real IP, but no one really willing to enforce it

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A real IP address… So, IPv6? :stuck_out_tongue: