Is there any replacement for HomeAssistant that support base_url (configurable webroot)?

I just join home assistant, want to secure the link with apache+https. However, my home server serves so many other services I cannot reserve path / to home assistant. Thus I need base_url.

Sadly, as it was posted, Paulus has made the decision to not add support for this , this feature would never be implemented. Thus I have to turn to another replacement for Home Assistant, any suggestion?

There are plenty of ways to get security.

Alternatives: iobroker, jeedom, openhab, who cares :slight_smile:

I still don’t understand why, in the world of Let’s Encrypt, people are still complaining about something like this. LE certs are cheap (free) and work with apache or nginx just fine. SNI is something you can do with LE or you do individual domain certs, load them all into your webserver (configured appropriately) and you’re done. For HA you just need a reverse proxy from that webserver to deal with the subdomain.


And it HAS to use the default host name?

Does whatever you’re hosting with have the capability of answering to multiple host names and differentiating what was called?

Sounds like a job for a good quality reverse proxy to me?

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Without base_url support, I have to reserve the / path to home assitant. With base_url support, for example, my domain, I can do:


They all share the same 443 port gracefully. My / path (i.e. is reserved to nextcloud).

but all my services use p[port 443 also, i use nginx as reverse proxy.



This might be a solution. I will try it later, although my domain provider only offers me 5 sub-domains …

I use nginx for my reverse proxy. I’m doing it by way of the nginx proxy manager addon. Every site that I have on it (and I have at least 6) has it’s own cert and there is no defined “default”. Web servers are smart enough to know how to deal with this. The only time you need a default is if someone is hitting the web server with no hostname in the headers (that is, directly by IP address). In that case nginx will “default” to the first site it has defined, which with nginx proxy manager I believe is the first asciibetical site defined.

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And the way you’re configured now you only need two…

One for HA.*/ and one for */.

I am now using another subdomain as refereed by @NathanCu and @CountParadox . Thanks for all your help!

CloudFlare DNS is free, then you can have unlimited subdomsins… Just need to change your root name servers in your domain registrar