Is there any way to detect when a Sengled/zigbee bulb has power?

I have basement lights that I tend to forget to turn off. I’d like to replace one of them with a Sengled bulb and then occasionally poll the bulb to see if it has power and alert me if it has been left on for an hour.

It seems like this might not be possible, but I wanted to check if anyone had any ideas?

If it’s not possible to see what devices are active on the zigbee network, some of my other ideas are a light sensor broadcasting brightness over mqtt (might be difficult to avoid false positives from sunlight), or getting one of those light socket to power outlet adapters and plugging something into it to detect when it has power (maybe just a Pi 0 w, but that feels like a waste).

My backup, dumb option is just to plug something like a radio into one of those socket adapters.

I can’t replace the switch because it’s a rental, and I don’t want to replace all the bulbs because there are a bunch of them (about 10).

Any ideas?

I know nothing about Sengled, so can’t comment :), however…
I would do it with a pir/body sensor and/or a door switch, both battery powered on your zigbee network.

Hmm thanks for the suggestion, although I’m not sure that would help me here. I’m trying to detect when I left the (normal, dumb) lights on.

Wemos d1 and a LDR. Have it send the LUX over MQTT. While you are at it throw a temperature sensor on it as well. Cheap and less than $10(depending on where you order parts)