Is there no way to add a new dashboard page to the "overview" dashboard and have it add new items as they are added to home assistant?

So hate to start off with such a negative look at things, but, as we all know, the “Overview” autogenerated dashboard is not functionally useable.

With this being said, is there no way to keep the autogeneration portion of a dashboard but then be able to go in and tweak (remove) the devices you don’t want to remain etc?

I struggle with the idea of taking control of the dashboard because from that point forward, no added entities will show etc. without them being manually added.

Am I missing something possibly or is this the way it is? Can anyone give any guidance/ tips to make this be what seems like a hassle, less of a hassle.

No you are not missing anything. It is all auto generated OR all manual control.

Keeping a manual dashboard up to date really isn’t that difficult. Added a new device?

Then add the things you want from that device to your dashboard.

You can create more than one dashboard (Settings → Dashboards).

I suggest you create one auto generated dashboard as a reference and one manual dashboard you edit. At least until you get the hang of managing a manual dashboard.

EDIT: actually there were some changes in the 2023.12 update that allow modifying an auto-generated dashboard. See: 2023.12: Welcome home! - Home Assistant

Thank you for these suggestions! and yes I saw those. Those are some very welcome changes for sure.

Thank you again for your guidance. Very much appreciated!!