Is this Xiaomi Rice Cooker compatible with Home Assistant?


I found this home assistant module for xiaomi rice cookers:

So I am planning to buy a compatible cooker. I found one, but I can’t figure out how to know if it’s compatible with the module or not. All I have is its tag, and it gives me the model name: MDFBZ02ACM. Here is the full tag:

I found no product name in the form of what is given in the Readme. Could someone please help me to know if this cooker is compatible? Thanks in advance and have a great day.

The repo lists 4 specific models that are all compatible and none match the one you are showing. It would be pretty hit or miss as to whether it would work or not. You would just have to try each of the models in your config until it either worked or didn’t.

Thanks for your answer. You are probably right.
But what gives me some hope is that there is a lot of models in the list (chunmi.cooker.normal3, chunmi.cooker.normal4) that don’t have any model code specified. So I guess this list is incomplete and my model could be one of those. Some have multiple model codes specified, so it could be incomplete here too.

I found some similar models on AliExpress. What’s strange is that they are not at all connected. I asked the sellers if they were, they said there were not. So it means there is also non connected models. But my seller of this model said he tried the connected feature with the Mijia application and it works.

So I think it’s a 50% chance of it working with this addon. I might give it a try. Even if I don’t have Hass connectivity, I will at least have Mijia.


I’m wondering if any of these two are fully compatible with this plugin:
Model: MFB2AM
Model: MFB05M
I want more functionality than just turning on/off the cooker from HA, but I don’t have time to tinker with ESP32.

The two rice cooker models mentioned in the plugin description are very old and impossible to buy nowadays. Does anyone can point with their finger which rice cooker that you have, integrates easily with HA and has decent functionality? (shows remaining cooking time, etc.). Thanks.

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