Issue making a group

I am just starting to try to organize my HA. I have several plants configured. I would like to have a group of plants instead of all the plants floating around. I tried

  name: Plants
    - plant.plantone
    - plant.planttwo
    - plant.plantthree
    - plant.plantfour
  name: Home
  view: yes
    - group.plants

(I will put other things into groups and the default view later but wanted to get simple to start)

but I just get a list of plants on the default view, not a card with the plants inside that.

Am I missing the point of the group and default_view stuff, or just missing a setting?
And while I’m at it, is there a setting so I could collapse the card full of plants if I wanted to? Just curious about that.

I believe that groups have nothing to do with Lovelace cards, you need them for different things (have a read).
You add your entities to default_view, which is a card (I presume), and then say it’s a view (not sure it’s correct) - meaning it will be the only card and everything will be inside it.
Create separate cards and fill them up (possibly with your groups, I never tried that but it might work).
Have a look at examples here.

The use of groups, and default_view, for the UI is long dead. It pre-dates the current frontend (Lovelace).

You want to take control of your UI, and then create views.

Thanks! I must have stumbled into some old documentation and question / answer stuff. I’ll poke the the lovelace docs.