Issue pairing between Qingping Bluetooth alarm clock (CGD1) and my phone (Redmi K20)

I Bought the Qingping alarm clock CGD1 . I have spent all weekend trying pairing it with my Phone** ( Xiaomi Redmi k20 ) and did not manage to solve it. Since the only way of setting the clock is through the app, now I’m stuck with a clock I cant use

I Have tried the following:

  • ClearGrass Air App: I have downloaded the application ClearGrass Air. In it, I tried to add the ClearGrass Air Monitor (like written in the manual)

but on the next screen, I can’t see the verification code so I’m stuck.

  1. Mi Home App: I tried to find the clock in the Mi Home app but can’t seem to find it in there.

     - In my search I did the following:
         1. The Bluetooth is on
         2. The WIFI is on
         3. I tried pushing the clock bottom for two seconds (so the Bluetooth sign flickers)
         4. I searched everywhere include the search field using keywords like "Clock", "Alarm" "CGD1" and "Qingping" with no success.

So… now I’m stuck with a clock I can’t use because the only way of setting it is through the app.

I will be more then happy if you can help me resolve that issue!

Hello, I have the same issue pairing my alarm clock with the smartphone. Have you resolved it.

Hello. Do you know how to reset the alarm clock? thanks

I had similar problem, I am not sure it will solve it, but maybe you should try to set up the region in MI app to mainland China and then try to synchronize the clock with the app… I was able to synchronize the clock by that

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I have this Alarm Clock added to Xiaomi Home app on Mainland China region.
It works ok.