Issue with Bestway Integration for Laz-y-Spa Airjet

Been running the Bestway Integration for my Laz-y-Spa Airjet Plus hot tub since August and it’s been very solid. It failed with bad request error on Tuesday and hasn’t worked since. I did try re-adding the Spa but it failed to initialise. Issue logged on GitHub

Few others experiencing the same issue as of this week if anyone can help would be appreciated.

HAC: 12.4
OS 11.2


Perhaps a GitHub issue is in order?

I had the same issue a couple of months ago and it came back after a week or so but at that time the mobile app stopped working too.
The integration is again not working but the mobile app is working this time

Hi @jozefk_uk - looks like an EU API issue, I got mine working this morning by setting up a new US BestWay account and adding my pump to that, then reloading the integration selecting US server, as suggested by hellfire151 in the github issue.

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Hello mate, thanks for the info, was just about to try it and it’s been fixed.

Big thanks to @cdpuk for the quick response, much appreciated!

Thanks - just had to fix mine with this as well. Appreciated the insight.