Issue with denonavr.get_command parameter

I’m trying to build an automation which uses ‘denonavr.get_command’ to play music on front speakers A+B.

According to the Excel list with commands the parameter should be ‘PSFRONT A+B’. Unfortunately this doesn’t work, although parameters ‘PSFRONT SPA’ and ‘PSFRONT SPB’ do work. I’ve tried some alternatives like SPA+B, SPAB, SPA/B and SP A+B without result.

My receiver (Marantz SR7005) is not mentioned in the list, but I have the DeRemote app on my iPhone which probably uses a similar command to make this work.

Any idea what the proper parameter is for this?

This is, what the papers say for the Denon, as far as I know, Marantz is the same…

Not sure what you mean?
I found the 2013 version of the excel with the SR7005 in it. Command is the same and it seems it should work or do I miss something?

Then it is cleared, that you are using the correct command and it fails somewhere else :wink:

Ah :grinning:
In that case my next question would be: any idea where it fails? Since the similar commands for using only speakers A or B do work, I assume the automation itself is correct.
My first guess is the ‘+’ is causing the issue, is there a workaround?

FYI: I’m building the automation in the GUI, I’m a newbie and not a coding expert.

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I have a Denon AVR-X3000 and was also struggling with this. The PSFRONT A+B works as a telnet command but not over HTTP.
I finally looked up the URL encoding for + and got %2B, also the + in a URL is another form of space.
The whole command line ends up like this.
/goform/formiPhoneAppDirect.xml?PSFRONT A%2BB
I just tested this in the dev tools and it worked, it also works in a template switch, which is how I’ll use it most of the time.

Just to let you guys know: some update broke this in all my automations… took me some time to figure out, that now the command that works is the one with th “+” inside.
So the correct code now is:
/goform/formiPhoneAppDirect.xml?PSFRONT A+B

Just in case this helps somebody :wink:

It appears mine has also failed. Your new URL didn’t work for me, I had to go back the other way and encode the space to %20 as well. Even when selecting SPA
both speakers - /goform/formiPhoneAppDirect.xml?PSFRONT%20A%2BB
Just A - /goform/formiPhoneAppDirect.xml?PSFRONT%20SPA

Fascinating! May I ask on what version of HA you are and what AVR you’re controlling? Just out of curiosity…

I’m running home assistant 2023.7.2. Using HAOS x86 on a small fanless Celeron PC. My receiver is a Denon AVR-X3000.

hy all! Anyone know how I cann change “Assign amp” from code? I need change from Zone 2 to “front dolby” via home assistant.

Thanks in advance!

I found this program GitHub - jtangelder/denon-remote: Control the Denon AVR in your local network (with telnet) to test out Denon commands, and had it running in the console when I changed settings on my receiver from the setup webpage. The console spit out all the statuses when I loaded the page. There must be a lot of hidden commands in there. My amp is only a 7.1, so it only has one pair of assignable speakers.
The command is SSPAAMOD and the options are
NOR - Surround Back
BIA - Bi-Amp
FRB - Front B
FRH - Front Height
FRW - Front Wide
The full command that works on my AVR-X3000 receiver is

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may help someone… :wink:

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OMG!! this was wonderful. Very thanks, this program is awesome!. Thanks again :slight_smile: