Issue with focus on input_text field

I created a lock management interface. When using the web interface this works fine. If you type a code in the code field and click submit it runs its course.

The issue in the app is that if you type in a code it does not know the code is in the field unless you click outside of the code field. So even though you entered a code in the code field and click submit it does not know the code exists unless you click outside of the input_text field.


Can you open an issue for this on github please?

Will do, thx.

You closed this issue on GitHub saying its custom. This is with input_text. That is not custom. The mobile app team asked me if it also happens in the mobile chrome browser and I stated yes so they transferred it to the front end team.

I am having this issue as well! I am using the built-in input_text too

Thank you @jkrangel for bringing this up as its kind of irritating the issue was closed.

Can you post a link to the issue?

It was closed because no one acted on it.

Issue is still there. Is there a chance to reopen it on GitHub ?

no but just open a new issue making sure to complete the issue template

Coincidentally I raised the same issue 3 weeks ago, and there has been no activity on mine either, so it will get closed automatically. Not sure how to make this more important because the issue is significant. In my case I’m using the iOS companion app, but I raised the issue against frontend, because that’s where the problem is.

Hi, I’m struggling with the same issue. Has anyone managed to solve the problem? Maybe some workaround?