Issue with Home Assistant in Microsoft Edge

Starting late last evening, my Home Assistant Dashboard won’t load properly in Microsoft Edge. It has worked there for years, until now. I tried it on my phone and in Google Chrome and all is working well.

I cleared cache/cookies/etc in Edge and that didn’t help. Then I rolled Edge back to prior update, but no improvement.

Has anyone else experienced this? Any tips?


Do you have the bitwarden edge add-on ?

Yes, I do. Have had it for over a year. Is that related, do you think?

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Wow! Thank you! I wonder why I didn’t find that on a google search?

Anyhow, UGH. But I’ll give it a try.

This appears to be happenning in Chrome. Disabling the Bitwarden extension and dashboards are loading without issue. Before dashboards we cause 100%+ cpu usage by home assistant service_worker.js

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