Issue with Lovelace - State update

Since the upgrade to 0.81.4 I face some issues with my Lights, Switches and Input Booleans.
If I turn one of these on or off it changes immediately back to its origin state. The action behind was triggered but it shows now a wrong state. I have to switch to another tab and then back, then I can see the correct state.
Hard for me to describe therefore attached a short video about the issue

It happens within Chrome and iOS.
Anyone aware about such an issue

Read here:

Hoping this will get fixed. I’m back in 0.81.2.

thank you. So I’ll wait for the next release

Just tested on 0.81.5; resolved now :slight_smile: (Had the same issue)

i have update now to 0.81.5 but have the same issue

for me it’s now working with 0.81.5/6