Issue with Sonoff DW2

I recently purchased a Sonoff Door/Window sensor (Sonoff DW2) for use with Home Assistant. I have a few Sonoff wifi switches and have no problem with using them in HA via the eWeLink addon.

The DW2 is working, using the eWeLink app on my phone it detects the door opening and closing but on HA, although it shows up in the addon, the state never changes, it always shows as closed.

Anyone else come across this?

Same for me.
Ewelink add-on works with alot of Sonoff but not DW2

Using HACS before and everything worked great, is it possible to run them both simultaneously?

Hi i have the same problem with DW2 any news about the issue?


I have the same problem, but i thought that i found a clue to solution…

The problem, maybe its related to the time stamp of the records. All my switches devices report to Ewelink the current day of the interaction, but DW2 its reporting in a few days past.

If anyone have a solution, please, help us.