Issue with TS0202 by _TZ3210_cwamkvua

I’ve just bought this

it is supposed to be a PIR, switch and temperature sensor.

Once integrated in HA thru ZHA, it is only seen as a PIR sensor … no switch nor temperature…

any idea ?


As far as I know its PIR, Switch and Lumens and from home assistant I get only the PIR which resets on 65 seconds to change the state from “on” to “off” or “motion” to “no motion”


Also have this issue.

I’m in the same boat here. Bought some on Temu for $5/ea and just assumed they’d be fully supported. Only thing that shows up when pairing is “laszone” and “battery” - both of which just randomly display garbage data.

I switched over to Zigbee2MQTT from ZHA and also upgraded to a Sonoff zigbee stick from a Conbee 2 - Everything seems to be mapped correctly, but the sensor just flips between motion/clear every 1min or so. Anyone aware of a way to turn down the sensitivity?

I noticed that the light sensor responds to the motion sensor.
I took the front cover off, to stick insulating tape over the light sensor.

PS. Sorry for my english

Just picked up one of these on amazon and found that the motion seems to work and that is it with ZHA. Anyone seen a modified quirk foe this to fully work with ZHA?

I also picked up one of these devices and I’m a little confused about it.
Like others, it’s working fine as a PIR sensor, but the button isnt picked up, even if listen for events. I’m also a little confused about the apparent lumen sensor which isnt detected as an entity and doesn’t seem to influence the PIR.

Edit - So as a thought, I took it apart and covered up the PIR, waited for clear, then pressed the button… it’s seems to be just an override that triggers the “motion detected”, it’s not a scene selection button.
I also put it outside, in daylight, and the motion was detected. Perhaps the lumen sensor just triggers if it goes dark?
I think calling this a 3 in 1 is somewhat misleading… this is just a PIR sensor. Basically junk, if anyone reads this before buying it, don’t.

Same here. Could this be related to the default configuration? The manual reads:

I’ve looked through the attributes and commands but couldn’t find anything which resembles these settings. Any idea how to configure this via HA?

Update: There are attributes which seem related e.g. Cluster illuminanceMeasurement, Attribute reporting_status => value None. It’s not possible to write another value such as “on”.