Issues to add ZHA Integration with Tasmota

Hi all, I spent a couple of hours to flash my Sonoff ZB Bridge to Tasmota. Everything seems fine now after the whole hardware process, tasmotize and upgrade firmware. I used all the instructions from Blakadder Sonoff ZBBridge
Unfortunately when getting to the step with Home Assistant and after adding IP address and Port Speed, I get the following message: Failed to connect
I tried a different Port Number, (from instruction 8888 to 7777) Hardware and Software, but the message is the same.
I have of course changed the Port in the Tasmota console.

Any clue?

2022-10-14 (2)

Hi All, I posted this question.
After a few re-starts directly in HA, nothing changed.
Only when I did a full re-start of the VM, the connection was made.
A full re-start is sometimes good…