Issues with Konnected Panel Since ESPHome 2024.6

Has anyone else experienced constant online and offline bounces for their Konnected alarm panels since upgrading to Esphome 2024.6? Tens of times per day at random intervals my panel bounces online and offline which I know because I get push notifications for my wired contact sensors changing status. I can see that the device in HA and all of its entities goes unavailable and then back again.

No. I have Alarm Panel Pro

Logs, where did you put them?

Some logs I grabbed are at the link below. It’s not so easy to grab logs since it disconnects from HA. I have to be plugged directly into the board via micro-usb at the time of the incidents to grab them.

Well there are clearly errors there, but I am not equipped to debug them. Googling some of the error messages may help.

Someone will probably ask you for your yaml :slight_smile: