Issues with Samba not working on Hassio

Can someone please help me with a Samba issue? I’m running on an RPi. Some time ago Hassio disappeared from my file structure. I’m wanting to edit the Configuration.yaml file but it’s not there. I’m using MAC Finder. I would like to post my log file but not sure if this is the right place to do that or if it’s safe to do so. I’m a little new at this. Thanks

First off make sure the samba addon is started. Also check the log at the bottom of the add-on page to make sure it hasn’t thrown any errors.

It may have just dissapeared from your discovered devices. Manually navigate to it using…

From a windows machine type in the address bar

\\IP of your pi\config

From a linux machine


For for example smb://

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I had a similar issue with the latest update. When trying to connect via SMB from my windows machine HA would reject the password. I had to uninstall the addon, restart, then re-install the plugin to fix it.

I cannot get Samba to start. I’ve installed, added to my config, but when I press start it pauses and clearly stops immediately. I’m running on a Pi4 64bit install. latest beta, but it also did not work on the release versions …

When an addon does not start, check the logs on the supervisor > system page in the UI.

think this is the issue, but do not understand it:

20-03-18 16:37:49 ERROR (MainThread) [supervisor.utils.json] Can't read json from /data/addons/git/24c61661/repository.json: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/data/addons/git/24c61661/repository.json'
20-03-18 16:37:49 WARNING (MainThread) [] Can't read repository information from /data/addons/git/24c61661/repository.json```