ISY Scenes as 'Light Groups'

There are threads in the past discussing some of the challenges with how scenes are imported as groups in HA.

With the advent of ‘Light Groups’ in 0.65, I wonder if there is an opportunity to handle ISY Scenes differently.

A ‘Light Group’ creates a single Light in HA that forwards the command to all child light objects. That’s very close to how scenes work in the ISY. It’s not complete match because ISY scenes can send brightness changes ±X%, whereas a Light Group would send the same % to all child lights. Still–this might address many users’ needs.

How feasible would it be to create an option in the ISY component to import Scenes as Light Groups?

I know this is a super late reply, but the answer is apparently it is not feasible - for the main reason that ISY exposes scenes as switches and does not properly accept parameters. this is because scenes can have switches and other devices in them.