It is time to migrate into HA OS


I’m using HA supervised on Docker for some years now using an IOT stack, i thought that is a good practise to move to HA OS and leave some space on my server for other apps. I was wondering, since there are settings on my backup file that will automatically set the OS with the previous host’s IP, which files i need to edit before the migration?

If you do the normal install, it’s going to blow away everything as there’s no “migration”. Probably a good idea to backup the whole machine beforehand. And of course backup HA so you can restore it. Then potentially go into “Settings > System > Network” and set up your static IP.

Sorry Michael but you missunderstood. I will remove the Docker container completely, why should i need a whole backup of the machine? The new installation (HA OS) is already made on another device. I just want to move everything from the old one, to the new. Now the thing is that i don’t want my system to install the backup and lose access to the dashboard due to the IP specified settings

Ah I didn’t realise it was too machines. I was only suggesting a backup if you install a new OS on the same machine for the inevitability of realising there was that one file that you needed.

What do you mean by that? You’re running a different script to make the backup where you include some files?

The “normal” way to switch is

  • make a backup of your old installation
  • setup a new HA installation
  • start that new installation, it should bring up a button to load a backup
  • choose your backup file and wait for a few minutes to let it install
  • log-in into the new-old installation and change whatever needs to be changed

Or did you have a static IP assigned in the HA settings? Then disable this setting before you do the backup or leave it, shut down the old server and let the new server have that IP address for a moment until the backup is up and running and you can change that IP to what you want. Btw. I’d suggest to do the DHCP settings via your router, at least for the time you change servers, just to be sure, you don’t interfere with other things.