ITead's "Sonoff Zigbee 3.0 USB Dongle Plus" (model "ZBDongle-P") based on Texas Instruments CC2652P +20dBm radio MCU now sold for $19.99

Many thanks @billyjoebob999 @Hedda
I’ve updated the firmware this evening using the video guide (via Windows) to CC1352P2_CC2652P_launchpad_coordinator_20211217. I’ve also checked my 2.4ghz Wifi channel which is on channel 1 and there’s no other detectable WiFi from neighbours etc on any other channel when using a wifi scanner app on my phone. Despite all that there’s no improvement unfortunately. I’ve tried re-pairing one of the sensors whilst sitting it right next to the dongle and it’s still not being detected and with the one device I do still have connected if I move it more than a couple of metres away it becomes unavailable. I’ve also tried an alternative wireless screw on aerial just in case there’s a fault with the one supplied but that didn’t improve things either so I’m becoming more and more convinced there’s some kind of hardware issue going on here.

Is there an easy way I can test the dongle and connectivity to a sensor from my Windows laptop so I can be in a completely different part of the house, just in case it is something to do with it’s current location?

You can install Zigbee2mqtt on Windows:


Has anyone had success with changing the IEEE address on this adaptor? I get a good message when trying, but when I plug in my adaptor it fails to work with my existing devices.

[email protected] cc2538-bsl % ./ --bootloader-sonoff-usb -ewv --ieee-address 00:12:4b:00:18:e3:1f:3c ~/Desktop/CC1352P2_CC2652P_launchpad_coordinator_20211217.hex
Opening port /dev/tty.SLAB_USBtoUART, baud 500000
Reading data from /Users/aneisch/Desktop/CC1352P2_CC2652P_launchpad_coordinator_20211217.hex
Your firmware looks like an Intel Hex file
Connecting to target...
CC1350 PG2.0 (7x7mm): 352KB Flash, 20KB SRAM, CCFG.BL_CONFIG at 0x00057FD8
Primary IEEE Address: 00:12:4B:00:24:C0:86:83
    Performing mass erase
Erasing all main bank flash sectors
    Erase done
Writing 360448 bytes starting at address 0x00000000
Write 104 bytes at 0x00057F980
    Write done                                
Verifying by comparing CRC32 calculations.
    Verified (match: 0xba5c19c5)
Setting IEEE address to 00:12:4b:00:18:e3:1f:3c
Writing 8 bytes starting at address 0x00057FC8
Write 8 bytes at 0x00057FC8
    Set address done

Never needed to change the IEEE address :man_shrugging:

Did you have to re-pair?

No, I’m using z2m

are you using zigbee2mqtt?

No, ZHA (unfortunately it seems)

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Not sure if it matters but maybe need to use all upper-case capital letters when entering IEEE address?

I have not tried to change IEEE address myself either but see in the respons that at least the letters your old IEEE address was written in all upper-case capital letters (and not in lower-case letters).

Yet it looks like you are trying setting the new IEEE address with lower-case letters.


I think I have a problem with the stick → I want to switch from Conbee to the Sonoff stick but unfortunately the reception is now much worse

LQI with Conbee +200
LQI with Sonoff 50

Fimware is the current and the transmit power is 9

Do you have a solution for me?

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I received my new Sonoff stick and upgraded the firmware. I will be migrating from a HUSBZB-1 and I am hoping that someone can help guide me with the process. I have about 50 devices that I do not mind repairing as the backup and restore procedures that I have seen on these forums is a bit too much for me.

I know that I can do it the long way:

  • remove all of my entities and devices
  • remove the ZHA integration
  • unplug the HUSBZB old stick
  • plug in the new Sonoff stick, let it auto discover the USB path or define it manually
  • re-add the ZHA integration
  • pair each device and then rename all of the entities to their previous names.

Is there a shortcut? Can I remove the ZHA integration without removing all of the device and entities and then when I add the new stick and re-pair the devices will the device and entity names be retained?
thanks for any help!

The shortcut is the backup and restore method that you do not want to do, though it is really not hard as basically you perform backup to a file with a “bellows” CLI-command then restore from that file with “zigpy-znp” CLI-command before changing to ZNP config to use other dongle seral-port and zigpy-znp:

Same here! I hope it’s just a different way of how LQI gets reported.

Different chip-sets calculate LQI differently.

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FYI, submitted feature request to zigpy (ZHA) developers →

LQI calculation ideas and feedback will probably all be welcomed there if given in a constructive way

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Heads up! The price of this dongle will be increased from $10.99 to $14.99 now on the 25th of January.

Announcement on Facebook state price hike is due to raised cost of material costs (i.e. CC2562P chip):

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did the shipping to US go down?

You can buy them already in the US Sonoff Zigbee 3.0 Dongle Plus - CloudFree

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I just ordered from this site, before seeing your comment — I was searching in Google for US-based sellers that sell this product, and they were the only one I found. The store seems to have a good reputation. I chat to them and they said that the cheapest shipping (USPS First Class) should deliver in 1-4 days. Shipping was $3.86 to California.


Ordered, thanks