It's that time of year again

With a bit of advance planning, I want to see if I can “hack” my Christmas lighting a bit better this year. Goal here is to see if I can cheaply get the lights available for wireless control. I have a zigbee transmitter, an RF bridge, and a few wifi smart plugs flashed with tasmota. Last year I ran all the lights to a power strip with one of the tasmota plugs in front all tucked inside an IP65 box outside. This worked fine, but there were a bunch of wires to wrangle with. I’m wondering if anyone has found a good hack to get those fairy light transformers (like here: accessible to wifi/rf/zigbee? Alternatively, I guess I could just get IP65 outdoor rated LED strip lights, but am loathe to bin all the lighting I’ve already purchased…

You still have to power them. ie a wire.

Yeah, I’m not really worried about getting power to them. I’ve already installed IP65 outdoor power sockets. It’s more a matter of getting some kind of remote power on/off. Having scanned aliexpress, it looks like there are quite a lot of fairly inexpensive options for lights with RF control built-in.

I have an outdoor power box with a 4 way 13A plug block in it. Have wired this to a sonoff mini with tasmota in seperate IP65 box fixed to outside of house. Actually have 2 of these due to adding more lights each year and needing power at each side of the house. Been using for about 3 years and works really well being able to just plug in whatever transformer etc needed for lights.

These masterplug ones are good