I've added the Ring integration: how do I arm my alarm? (zero devices shown)

I’ve installed the Ring integration and was surprised to see that there are zero devices shown. I don’t have any Ring cameras/doorbells/sensors, but I would have expected to see the base station, or something that lets me programmatically arm/disarm the alarm.

How does one interact with the armed state of a Ring alarm in HA without a device?

Have you looked at this? GitHub - tsightler/ring-mqtt: Ring devices to MQTT Bridge

yes, but I do not have an MQTT bridge – which if I understand it correctly is another device I’d need to manage?

Is the Ring HA integration useless with this MQTT bridge?

MQTT is software, you can easily install it as an addon. I don’t have Ring alarms (only cameras) myself but I cannot find anything about the alarm part in the documentation on the official integration.

Got it. I saw somewhere it required a broker. And the add-on logs keep repeating that it’s unable to connect to a broker. So I assumed there was another component required.

MQTT broker and bridge are the same thing :slight_smile: