I've hit my WTF stage with automations not firing

Building an automation to trigger a script. In troubleshooting, I’ve stripped down functionality just to see this thing actually fire. Which it’s not.



Mode is Single

Traces always end with finished

The ONLY time this thing fires is when I tell it to manually. It never fires by itself. There are never any traces after I manually trigger it, so I have nothing to review to figure out why it’s not firing. As for the SUN condition, I’ve been fighting with this all day long. It’s during the day. Besides, it’s a condition. The trigger should still fire and leave a trace.

I’ve reloaded automation, reloaded scripts, restarted HAOS, rebooted the entire VM.


I believe the time trigger in your screenshot will only trigger at 12:00:30 AM (00:00:30). Is that your intent? If you want to trigger every 30 seconds, leave the hour and minutes empty, or use * instead, and set seconds to /30.



FFS! I just watched a video on YT that walked through creating automation, and he specifically went over this one.

I guess Nabucaasa went and changed how that trigger works since then. Looks like it follows cron scheduling. Boy, I love figuring out cron schedule code!

Is there any real point in watching YT videos to try and learn HAOS??

Thanks for catching this!

I don’t know if the time_pattern syntax changed, but the documentation of today looks the same to me as it did 4 years ago.

That video guide is two years old, so there’s a very high likelihood that much of the information is just no longer valid for today. I would avoid any video guide more than a few months old. Even with recent videos, I would not automatically assume the information given is always correct.