Jandy iAqualink - hardware required?

I am looking to replace my pool pump with a variable-speed version. Currently leaning towards a Jandy VS FloPro 1.65 HP one. Reading through the specs, it appears to support remote control through a iQPUMP01.

Looking at the official integration (Jandy iAqualink - Home Assistant), I see another remote control device called the iAQUALINK 3.0.

Hoping someone can help me on this. Do I require both the iQPUMP01 and iAQUALINK device to integrate the pump into HA? If not and I only require the iQPUMP01, is this integrated with the official HA integration linked above?

I’ve read through all of Jandy’s website, and this is not in the least bit clear!

Did u ever get a response on this? Or figure it out? I have the same hardware and have tried the integration but without success :frowning:

Same here, IQPUMP, despite raising to the iaqualink web site does not seem compatible with the plugin, it makes it crashing during its init phase in my case.

I was able to identify all the API calls to interact with the IQPUMP01:

  • Get the device-related data (Serial number, RPM, power consumption, temperature, global configuration)
  • Write / set a custom operation override RPM + duration
  • Stop the pump
  • Start the pump while resuming the default schedule
  • Read the schedules and understand how the scheduled associated data is pushed
  • Write the schedules

Using all of them allowed me to interact with my pump without any issue.
Now, I’m not a developer/don’t know Python (nor even I have yet migrated to HA :slight_smile: ) and not able to modify the already existing Jandry module :frowning:

If somebody has the skills and is willing to put a few stuff together, I’ll be more than happy to share what I have inventoried and be a beta tester.

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Joacbe this would be great! I’d love to help, but it sounds like your skills already greatly exceed mine. If there’s something I can do please let me know