Jandy iAqualink pool with spa supported?

My parents have a pool with a hot tub/spa connected to it. They control it with the Jandy AquaLink remote. I just saw that HomeAssistant supports Aqualink with the iAqualink integration. I’m a bit confused as it says it only supports 1-pool. Does this include the spa as well? Can the spa and pool temperature both be managed? Any insight appreciated!

Welp. Looks like we need a $1500 upgrade kit? We have the PDA remote to control the pool/spa, but apparently you need this upgrade kit. Does anyone know if there is a more affordable way to add HA functionality? Surely there is a less expensive way…

That is the device I have. It has both ethernet and wireless. I didn’t realise it was that expensive as it was part of my pool overall package. Confirming you can control both a pool and a spa - it’s designed for this.