Jinja via web request?

in an effort to make managing my recorder.yaml more friendly for changes on the fly, i’ve used a jinja template to spit out all of my entities into a list i then copy n paste into the yaml and comment out entities i want to log / have in database.

as time goes on and more entities are part of my setup, the process of doing that, and not undoing the commented out lines, i made a little winforms tool to allow me just to check/uncheck lines and save file.

but the process of getting the jinja is still done manually and kind of unwanted imo.

would i be better off creating a automation that uses a template sensor with the jinja, and have it save to a file for my winform to access?

is there a way to send a web request to homeassistant to get the jinja to be rendered? (assuming code is always going to be correct)

and also, same for editing an entity name for example, to rename an entity, is there any fork or web request / command / ssh i could use to have my winform send the intended change to homeassistant to make happen automagically?

would post more but on mobile atm and these thoughts have been knocking around in my head for days.

any thoughts are welcomed.


See POST /api/template

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