Just picked up a Xiaomi gateway 2, buttons and motion sensor. Looking for list of what else will work with it

See title. I am looking for a more or less definitive list of other zigbee products that will work with this hub. Mainly big box lumber yard stuff when it lands in clearance and is to cheap to walk away from.

Does anyone know of a source for a list like this?

Thanks Matt

Only Xiaomi family devices AFAIK,
(Can be badged as Xiaomi, Mi, Aqara, Mijia)

I was afraid of that… but it really is a nice product and has fantastic range in a wood and plaster constructed 160 year old house.

Do you know if I can use another gateway as a repeater only or do I have to add it into the HA mix as well? They do not make native US controlled outlets or I would just pick up a couple of them for repeaters.

Sorry I dont know.
Same situation for me in UK - the sockets are China/Aus only IIRC