Just upgraded ESPHome to 2023.3.0 and "No matching network found!"

Anyone else had this problem please? Everything working fine, then I upgrade to v 2023.3.0 and sensors stop working. The log shows :

configsip: 0, SPIWP:0xee
mode:DIO, clock div:2
entry 0x400805e4
[I][logger:258]: Log initialized
[C][ota:469]: There have been 10 suspected unsuccessful boot attempts.
[D][esp32.preferences:113]: Saving 1 preferences to flash...
[D][esp32.preferences:142]: Saving 1 preferences to flash: 0 cached, 1 written, 0 failed
[E][ota:476]: Boot loop detected. Proceeding to safe mode.
[I][app:029]: Running through setup()...
[C][wifi:037]: Setting up WiFi...
[C][wifi:038]:   Local MAC: 70:B8:F6:5B:3F:48
[D][wifi:386]: Starting scan...
[D][wifi:401]: Found networks:
[D][wifi:450]: - 'wifi'[redacted] (20:E5:2A:1A:22:A0) [redacted]▂▄▆█
[W][wifi:455]: No matching network found!

Any ideas please? Is it something to do with “Proceeding to safe mode.” In which case what should I do to correct this?
Thanks for all help!

Absolutely the same problem. If roll back to previous firmware version all works well, but on 2023.03 “can’t find network…”
Also if adding new devices it doesn’t seen by esphome integration in HA.

Please could you tell me what the previous version number was or where I could find this information?
Also where do I enter the “esphome_version”: “xxx”? Do I put this under the esphome: heading in the yaml file of each of my ESP32 microprocessors?
Thanks for your advice!

I’ve made backup before update esphome to 2023.3.0 version. So I’ve just restore previous 2023.2.4 version. After that all your devices will discover, that there is “new” version (2023.2.4 instead of 2023.3.0) and ask you to update. Firmware will be recompiled, so just adding to devices yaml files line with version will not make a trick.

Thank you very much for your advice. I have restored the old version but the ESP32 is still showing errors. When I try to install the yaml file to the ESP32 I get the following error. I have not been able to find the temporary directory. I am using a PC with Win10 to configure the ESP32 so is the directory somewhere in the PC (I have tried searching for it without success). Or is the directory somewhere on the Raspberry pi that is running the Home Assistant software?
Thank you for your help!

INFO Reading configuration /config/esphome/esp32-2.yaml...
INFO Generating C++ source...
INFO Compiling app...
Can not remove temporary directory `/data/esp32-2/.pioenvs`. Please remove it manually to avoid build issues
Processing esp32-2 (board: esp32dev; framework: arduino; platform: platformio/espressif32 @ 5.2.0)

After reading this one I decided to restore my backup. Even before the network would fail after an update. So think you for warning me.
I hope a big fix wil be made soon.