Just wondering why homeassistant user wasn't in proper groups. hassbian install

I haven’t used home assistant in over a year so I am a bit rusty. I just my last install so had to start fresh.

I installed using the hassbian method. I could get everything working but panda/pianobar. I’ve been struggling with it for a week. It was running fine in CLI. I know the install instructions for it are outdated but I got everything installed.

Today, I tried to run pianobar under the homeassistant user and got tons of errors. After looking at what groups pi user is in and what homeassistant is in, I added all the missing groups and then boom. pianobar works in CLI and the gui.

I didn’t change anything with the user after install. Shouldn’t the homeassistant user have the correct permissions on install or since pianobar install has changed, its running under the wrong user?


By default, access to resources is restricted as a security measure. It is perfectly normal to add access to those groups your installation needs.

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