KAKU ACM-2300-HC and Home Assistant

After couple of days following every instruction I kind to added a KAKU switch


  • Rpi4B
  • In HA , the RFXCom was set up using RFXtrx integration
  • Device ID’s generated by using code below:

0b11000{{ range(0,700) | random | int }}bc0cfe0{{ range(0,10) | random | int }}010f70

  • I use KAKU ACM-2300-HC switches, no remote control

So far I have been able to control the switch from HA and turn the light on and off. But If I use the conventional switch (manual light switch). The switch or binary sensor does not get updated.

If I turn the light on with the light switch, the switch or binary sensor in HA does not change state.

Also the state of the binary sensor is not in line with the state of the switch.

Am I missing something or is it just not possible?

Appreciate any help or insights