KAKU double wall switch (433 mhz) to switch Mi-light LED strip

I’m fairly new to HA, but I feel I’m already progressing quite nicely :wink:
The thing I’m struggling with is to use a KAKU double wall switch (433 mhz) to switch a Mi-light LED strip. Both items are present in HA already. I can operate the Mi-light led strip with an icon on the dashboard. Also when using the KAKU switch it gets detected nicely (RFXCom). I want to tie these two together, so I can use the wall mounted switch to operate the LED strip.

Of course I have been searching, but with the search terms I use I get to topics I don’t understand yet. When I just try things intuitively in the HA config I’m not getting there either. The closest I got (I think) was inside the configuration of the switch, where I added an automation. I though this was the way, but I could not find the LED strip as an item to control. I don’t know why not, as it is present on my dashboard.

I would greatly appreciate some guidance on a beginners level. I scare easily when I see coding language :wink:
Hoping to do it by using the user interface.

The automation was the way to go indeed. If the device has no specific operations to turn it on or off, you can use the light.turn_on and light.turn_off services to manipulate the light (which also supports dimming and/or color) or even the generic homeassistant.turn_on and homeassistant.turn_off services that will work on pretty much anything that can be turned on and off.

All can easily be controlled using the interface for creating automations, simply choose service in the action part.

Thank you so much for explaining. It took some learning (from me), but in the end I found out what you meant and I got it to work! Very happy to get it working.