Kamstrup Omnipower 3 phase meter - Integrate into HA Energy Management

Hi Team

Regarding the new Energy Management platform, I would like to know if someone have had success with readings from a Kamstup Omnipower 3 phase meter into the platform.

As I understand, it is not enough that the meter can be read, but it has to honor the ‘way’ /parameters that is need for the Energy Management Platform…

Seems there are two ways of doing this reading - that are old and long before the Energy Platform.

Mbus reading

Con is, that as I understand the HA needs physically to be close the meter - and my box is already full up with other USB devices.

ESP8266 ->MQTT->HA

A few different posts but all seems to be around the same solution of using a ESP to read the data and pass it on to MQTT that is read by HA.

I do like the ESP solution better but would like know if it works fine the new Energy Monitoring Platform.

Any one that has positive experience with the Kamstrup Omnipower and the new Energy Management Platform ?

/Regards Joern

Forgot to mention that the meter also has a LED that flashes 1000 times pr kWh.
Guess using this ‘glow’

Would be a way to get the meter readings into the Energy Management platform.

Please advise

Hi Community - reaching out to other Kamstrup experience…

Found this entry

and it works ‘out-of-the-box’ - it sends the readings to MQTT - MQTTLens shows lots of data parsing through.

Added a lot of MQTT entries in to the configuration.yaml

Next step is to get it to work inside HA. Going to the Energy site, it does not give an option to select anything from ‘kamstrup’ ;-(

Going to Entities - I can search out a lot of ‘kamstrup’ but when viewing values it says they are missing a unique ID.

Adding some shows that some kamstrup values has data others dont… Like the ones with
unit_of_measurement: “KWh” seems to be empty - or takes some time to get values.

So, some ones with experience with kamstrup or that just have some idears on how to get this work to show energy consumption ?


Hej Jørn,

Jeg tillader mig at skrive på dansk da det nok er en ren dansk problematik/udfordring :slight_smile:

Jeg har forsøgt længe at få denne Arduino komponent løsning fra Claus Nielsen til at virke men desværre uden held.

Jeg har forsøgt med både en standard esp8266 samt med en D1 mini.

Når jeg starter den uden at tilslutte den til måleren, så kan jeg se i Arduino serial monitor at den ikke kommer gennem den initiale opsætning, og har forsøgt med at introduceret diverse delays som hjalp lidt af vejen, men kom aldrig frem til at skrive “Setup completed” som er i slutning af setup funktionen.

Har du en anden oplevelse med koden?
I så fald har du modificeret noget som helst i koden?
Hvilken board bruger du og hvilke optioner har du valgt i Arduino

Er du sikker du skal angive alle Kamstrup entiteter manuelt i configuarion.yaml.
Bør de ikke opdages automatisk af HA?
Kan du se i MQTT loggen, om der kommer data
Har du i øvrigt fået de to krypteringsnøgler fra Radius og sat dem ind i koden?

Det var en masse spørgsmål i stedet for svar, og det er fordi det har frustreret mig så meget tid jeg har brugt på det uden at komme videre, men hvis dit grund setup virker, og kan se at der modtages måledata i din MQTT log eller i den generelle server log, så er jeg sikker på at jeg kan hjælpe dig så du kan få disse vist/brugt i HA.


How about having a look at this: Pow-K

I have been running this for the past month and it works like a charm (also Kamstrup OmniPower & Radius). Current firmware is 1.5.5 and it is expected that 1.5.7 will include Power Factor readouts as well :slight_smile:

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Thank you for this! I’ve been looking for a relatively plug and play solution that didn’t rely on the cloud!

Hi Henrik, how did you configure the MQTT component in the AMS reader?

Specifically asking about Client ID, Publish topic and Payload.

Will it automatically be recognized in Home Assistant? Or do I have to fiddle with the entity first?

Hi Bjørn,

I trust you already have Mosquitto Broker set up. Client ID can be set to whatever you want, and same applies to Topic. Payload…set it to JSON for ease.

I have then added following sensor to my configuration.yaml (for test purposes - for now I am actually using a REST call to get the same data):

Edit: added state_class to make sensor show up in Energy

  - platform: mqtt
    state_topic: "exactly the same as topic in AMSleser"
    state_class: total
    name: "whatever you want the sensor to be named"
    device_class: energy
    unit_of_measurement: kWh
    value_template: "{{ value_json.data.tPI }}"
    json_attributes_topic: "exactly the same as topic in AMSleser"
    json_attributes_template: "{{ value_json.data | tojson }}"
    expire_after: 20

Hi Bjørn

Did you get this to work?
And did it fully integrate into the Energy dashboard?

I did, it works beautifully.

Anyone forked this into ESPhome ?

I have it working (outside ESPhome) (GitHub - oz9els/esp8266-kamstrup-mqtt)

I have tried making it work though ESPhome, but there is a lot of .lib :confused:

For Kamstrup meters using Amsleser POW-K+ is the most elegant. It plugs right in, looks nice, no wires sticking out, gets power from the meter.
You can also do a low cost DIY solution and just use same ESP32 ports as POW-K

The software is open source and has Home Assistant MQTT discovery mode built in. And it can fetch prices also. It has its own web interface and can upgrade itself. Developer very responsive. Very cool project.


But no External Antenna :frowning:
Not sure if WiFi is strong enough to penetrate the metal casing.