Keep having to reboot when wifi restarts

I am having an odd issue, and before I script a ping/reboot into the Home Assistant, I wanted to see if there is a way to fix this properly first.

The issue is that sometimes I have to restart my network at home (just powercycle the router and/or extenders). The HomeAssistant is hard wired into one of these extenders.

When I do this, the HomeAssistant can no longer be accessed over the network unless I hard reboot it. It isn’t connected to a screen or anything, so not easy to debug, so was hoping for some tips if anyone has come across similar issues.


Have you assigned a static IP to your Raspberry Pi?

@Stiltjack I thought I had, but wondering if it got reset recently, simple thing to test, so will trial that out now.

You say that you are “hardwired” to the extender, does that mean you are NOT using wifi on the HA and are using wired? If so then the problem may lie in your extender rather than HA - either that or your DHCP lease time is super low for it to lose its IP address so rapidly.