KeyMaster Z-Wave lock manager and scheduler

Edit: For me, the fix was factory reset and adding the nodes securely again.

Yeah, I was on zwave (classic) and after upgrading to zwavejs I can’t get the PINs to take.

Alternatively, if I disable the PIN, I get stuck on disconnecting.

Still, great app!

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You don’t have a PIN specified, much less a Name for that slot. You need both.

Ah, to be clear, that just happened to be the state of things during the screenshot. My experience was similar to this one: I had to wipe all my existing PINs and start over, but still beats working directly with the keypad.

I had to remove the integration due to performance reason but I’m left with all of the input_booleans, input_datetime, etc helper objects…hundreds of them. Any idea what configuration file they live in so I can delete them en masse? I hunted but couldn’t find them.

So I have 3 identical locks… anyone have any ideas on a way to get one interface/Lovelace page that would change the codes on all the locks together without having to go to each locks page separately?

If you followed the Wiki it should be packages/additional_yaml and packages/keymaster most likely unless you changed the directory when setting it up in the ui.

Here’s the post I used as a reference to create my own lovelace page and codes where each code has a pop-up to input the pins, etc. I also have 3 locks, so it kinda gives me an overview and access to each.

Thanks for the pointer. There are a couple in there but not the others that make up the majority of the ones I’m trying to get rid of. I installed through HACS and didn’t change any paths. The integration’s been removed from both Configuration -> Integrations and HACS. I also deleted each lock before I removed the integration.

Found them in the core.restore_state file in .storage.

Edit: Unfortunately removing them there didn’t remove them from Helpers. The search continues!

This would be part of the parent/child lock setup that’s, if I recall, a WIP right now.

EDIT: Correction, looks like it’s in here’s how to setup the parent/child lock system.

Sorry, but I’m not sure I follow. I list 2 of my locks in that file that would be the “children” of my “parent” lock? And add the path in that field in the setup for my “parent” lock?


    lock_entity_id: lock.garagedoor_lock
    alarm_level_or_user_code_entity_id: sensor.garagedoor_alarm_level
    alarm_type_or_access_control_entity_id: sensor.garagedoor_alarm_type

This would then parent/child the lock you’re currently looking at via options (ie: frontdoor) so that codes entered into the lovelace for ‘frontdoor’ are duplicated to ‘garagedoor’.

There is no need to set up ‘gargedoor’ separately, you’d only have an entry for ‘frontdoor’.

Okay, I think I got it thanks for the explanation

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Ugh. I feel like I’m still running into a keymaster updating problem.

What is the best way to go about an update? So I’ll push the update thru HACS and then restart HA. Then, I notice that the actual packages/keymaster/ files haven’t been updated yet after the restart, so I’ll manually go into Config>Integrations to reload the integration for each lock. However, upon reload, keymaster will remove the specified files and then just never re-install them, even after a restart. (Works to go into Dev Tools> Services to call for keymaster.generate_package afterward.)

Is there a better way to do this? Reload doesn’t seem to want to do the trick for me.

I’m happy with Keymaster although the reporting I had as part of the other project seems to not be possible. I see it in the lock entity notification all the detail I used to get in the report. How do I turn that into its own entity?

If you hit “Options” and just submit the data again it should run through the whole generation process again.

Hmm. For reason that isn’t doing anything on my end. I’ll just generate from a service call for now :woman_shrugging: Works that way. Thanks!

Interestingly, the new patch appears to break something at my end - preventing my user codes from being “Connected” and instead stuck at “Connecting” - disconnecting the codes works fine. I’ve reverted t 0.018 version and all working fine without changing any settings - user slots still start at 1 and end at 20.

How odd!

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I installed latest version last evening and experienced significant sluggishness to my zwave network. Reverting back to 18 brought everything back to be responsive again.

What sort of performance problems? The integration doesn’t require much ooomf in terms of hardware. The only problems we’ve seen are related to browser speed issues. The best way to handle that is to only include the bare minimum of PIN slots that you need. So in a 2 person household, I create 4 slots. 2 for my wife and me, 1 for a neighbor who occasionally feeds and gives our cats attention when we travel, and an open 4th slot for a maintenance worker. We’ve never had more than 3 PINS active at any time. So by keeping the number of slots down to 4, we keep the number of GUI elements to the smallest possible.