King of Fans / Hampton Bay Zigbee controller going unavailable

I don’t know what’s going on, it doesn’t make any sense to me. I have three zigbee devices, a Hampton Bay controller, a temperature sensor, and a motion/temp sensor. The sensors have been perfect throughout.

I spun up a new server and migrated an image of my current config over to it. Everything has been fine since the server started on the 3rd. On the 11th, the fan started going on and offline. It will do this every minute for hours at a time, then be constantly offline for hours. The only thing that happened between it working fine and acting up is I had brought up the old server to rsync shares to the new one. Two instances of HA were running with different IP addresses but only the new server had the zigbee stick in it.

I have reset the controller, removed it, reattached it, I can’t figure out what to do next. I have a spare controller module that I can swap in.

New wifi access point in the area, or a change in channel on an AP?

Other interference?

I guess that’s possible but I live in a house so while I see other wifi networks it is minimal. Uh, the USB stick is at a slightly different angle now but the temperature sensor is 3x as far away and works fine. Where do I see zigbee signal strength?

I think I figured it out, the computer is on it’s side and maybe that caused an issue with reception. No idea why but it isn’t acting up now after relocating it.

No, the WiFi is not it or the other Zigbee devices would have a problem. I am running into this with my fans, too. I have 4 and one keeps going offline. I have to pull the breaker and turn it back on for them to show up. I have removed and added the same fan about 12 times and it lasts about a day. Frustrating.

I came to find out the the King of Fans controllers are crap and the last one I had ended up swelling up and expanding to the point of split the plastic case.

I put in a Sonoff iFan with Tasmota and despite the lack of a dimmable bulb it is good.

No dimmer is a non-starter with me.

These all worked fine under SmartThings.

In adition, the SmartThings driver/integration included the cool-breeze option, like is on the remote.

I wish you luck with yours. One had a speed that would turn on the light when you selected it, I replaced it and it worked fine until it stopped and it looked like it was starting to burn up when I removed it. Luckily it did not.