KlikaanKlikuit ACM-100


I have a old KlikaanKlikuit ACM-100 laying around and i’m trying to get it to work in HA.
I have a RFLink setup connected and working, but I can’t seem to connect the ACM-100.

If I push the button on the KAKU the led starts blinking but it does not broadcast anything. So the RFLink does not pick it up and adds it to HA. If I connect the RFLink to my computer and send the following command from RFLink loader “10;NewKaku;0cac142;3;ON” (while the KAKU is in pair mode) the light goes on.

Does anyone have any experience or tips to get the ACM-100 working in HA?
Any help is appreciated :slight_smile:


If you have RFLink already integrated in HA it will be easy to add a new device/entity.

If I’m not mistaken, the device’s remote only dimms the switch, which would explain why RFLink doesn’t recognize the signal (related to Implement CMD=SET_LEVEL=X command in RFLINK module (closed issue #10814)).

For what you need, I think you could do it with the following configuration (if you already have a light configuration, just copy the platform part):

   - platform: rflink
         name: My switch name
         type: dimmable

This assuming that the entity_id 0cac142 is already paired with your dimmer.

Thanks for your reply! I understand what you mean. I will try this when I get home!

Thanks again.