Known Devices and Entities Problem

I started seeing this problem a few weeks ago after my nephew switched cell providers.
Here is my setup.
RPI 3b+ with 0.85.1
Ubiquiti Wireless AP’s

The issue is the old devices are logged into KnownDevices.yaml and show up in the Entity list but new devices are logged but do not show up. I have 2 new phones and just setup another TPlink bulb that is in the known devices but don’t show up in the system. I have rebooted the system but still nothing.
Any thoughts or directions on what to look for.

never mine, some how in the configuration file the
track_new_devices: true
hide_if_away: false
had the first letter capitalized. have no idea how that happened as everything was working a couple weeks ago.
good idea to look over all the configs with a fine tooth comb. DUH