KNX Busload Visualization

Hi there,
I would love to to visualize the Busload on my KNX installation in Home Assistant. Something like a bargraph showing the number of KNX Telegrams over the last 48 hours. Perhaps the KNX Telegrams could be aggregated per (quarter) hour as a Bar.
Of course I could do that in Grafana but I still need an Entity for Number of Telegrams…(I think :slight_smile:)

Hi :wave:!
I was actually just working on a counter for outgoing and incoming telegrams.

You could do it right now by just using

    - address: *

and an automation increasing a counter (helper sensor) on every knx_event.
You could even do separate counters for incoming and outgoing, read, write, response etc.

The graphing would always be an extra step. I guess a statistics card can do that.

Be aware that this is not busload as you get it from some Knx PSUs or other TP devices, or ETS Busmonitor, as it is impossible to get that value with a data link layer Tunnelling connection.

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Let’s see how this goes. Currently it’s updated every 10 sec and a derivative helper can be used to calculate telegrams/second.

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