KNX Slow bus response


Until recently, KNX on Home-assistant with HASSOS on a RPI 3b+ has been a blessing. Fast and reliable. However, since a few weeks it seems to be slow responding. If i turn on or off a device, it takes 1 or 2 seconds showing up on the bus.

Is this because i have to much devices?

I tried using a Wiser HomeLynk and a Baos 771. Both have the same result.

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Any errors in the logs?
Have you changed something since it worke well?
Can you monitor your bus? Any repeated telegrams or loops?

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Some are repeated, but we are at uni and have a setup of 8 baos/homelynks. However, It takes a second before it reaches the bus. This makes me feel that it’s just to much for the RPI, but i need to be sure before i can fix it.

Errors are common, as in payloads being incorrect. This is due to the fact that it’s a university setup with different configs everyday. Causing errors because they use different groups.

Currently, there is 117 lights in my config and 31 other devices (switches,covers,sensors) totalling 148 devices.

Prior this i had a total of 50~ devices.

would this cause the lag?

I don’t know, I don’t have these many devices.
You could try xknx without HA to see where the bottleneck is.
Or try HA on a PC and see if it works better.